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I am an experienced Jungian analyst and psychotherapist in Headley Epsom, and online, providing a safe space where you can explore what’s troubling you and be listened to without judgement.

About Me

I am co-founder and Operations Director of the Surrey Centre for Counselling, Psychotherapy, and Eating Disorders, with almost 30 years of experience in private practice and managing teams in statutory services.

I have a particular interest in eating disorders, relationships, and sexual compulsivity, and work with both individuals and couples – always taking care to create a warm, welcoming environment for clients. My work uses active imagination, symbolism, metaphor, and dream imagery as a way of accessing the unconscious and bringing about meaningful change.

I qualified as a transpersonal psychotherapist CCPE in 2000 and started my Jungian analyst training at The Society of Analytical Psychology in 2014 completing in 2019. I am a registered member of UKCP Reg., BPC Reg., IAAP Member and CAP.

Alan Bore Jungian Analyst and Psychotherapist

My Approach

My approach is adapted to your needs. I help you to explore the unconscious processes that cause emotional distress and prevent you from feeling at peace with yourself. We will engage closely with the trauma you hold in your body and, in the process, bring you closer to your authentic spiritual self in order to facilitate personal growth.

If you are experiencing any kind of issue, from depression to anxiety to relationships, I am here to help you work through it. Get in touch to arrange an initial consultation ahead of starting psychotherapy in Headley Epsom, near Oxshot and online.

How I Work

1. Counselling

Short-term work (several weeks) focusing on a specific issue, like relationships or anxiety, that provides a set of tools you can use to understand what causes these problems and how you can move towards managing/resolving them. Most time individuals come for short term work and end up staying longer because they find meaning and support through their psychological exploration.

2. Psychotherapy

Works with the impact of trauma from both early childhood and recent events. We will look at what has happened to you, as opposed to what is wrong with you. My focus is on compassionate listening and understanding rather than making a diagnosis, creating the environment you need to understand the role of trauma in your life and overcome the emotional challenges you face. Psychotherapy is usually once or twice a week.

3. Jungian Analysis

Long-term work, this could be having three to four sessions per week, during which we will bring unconscious elements of your psyche into a more balanced relationship with conscious awareness and experience. Working in this way helps you discover meaning, understand the origins of issues like anxiety and/or depression, mature your personality and feel more aligned with your spirit. This is very much connected to Soul work.

4. Soul Work

We all hope to find meaning in our life. Some people seek it through food, sex, alcohol, drugs, or relationships, only to end up feeling empty. You may feel like there is a deadness to your inner life. Soul work is a journey to discover the unconscious patterns that prevent us from living truly in the present, with a view towards metabolising your disturbed unconscious states and, in turn, facilitating the process of personal and spiritual growth. I use meditation as part of my work – particularly Heart Meditation, as this helps to deal with inner wounds that leave us feeling paralysed.

Finding meaning is what bring people to any therapeutic work but searching and exploring the ‘divine’ within us is the way to reconnect to what has been missing in our lives.

U.K.C.P Registered Supervisor

I also offer clinical supervision, which ensures the maintenance of adequate psychotherapeutic standards and widens the horizons of practitioners.

We will discuss your practice with clients and work together to consolidate and develop the efficacy of the therapist/analyst relationship.

This a chance to explore feelings that come up for you during sessions and receive targeted feedback from an experienced professional.

Pricing & Location

I work from the Old Village School House located in Church Lane, Headley near Epsom in Surrey – a serene, secluded space where you can be sure of absolute privacy. I also offer counselling and psychotherapy online and over the phone.

Initial assessment appointment – £90 (55 minutes)

Further sessions – £90 (55 minutes)

I provide a limited number of spaces for students and low-income clients.

Sessions are usually on a weekly basis, but if you are looking for more frequent support, I can see you up to four times a week. Please contact me for more information.

Get in touch

If you have any questions or would like to arrange an initial assessment appointment for psychotherapy in Headley Epsom, or online, feel free to call me on 07941 281025.

We can have a brief, strictly confidential conversation about your reasons for seeking support and how I may be able to help you.

All enquires are usually answered within 24 hours, and all contact is strictly confidential and uses secure phone and email services.

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